About Us

LIBRARY SCORE! is the storefront for Library Commerce. Our mission is to be the premier online hub for libraries to sell reproductions and reprints of their unique holdings, allowing them to expose their unique collections, allow people to obtain representations of their holdings and create a new revenue stream to supplement their budgets.

A percentage of every order goes to the originating library, so your purchase helps with supporting individual libraries fulfill their missions of obtaining free information to the public.
Our first partner library is Sibley Music Library at the Eastman School of Music which provides print on demand, performer friendly scores from Eastman Scores Publishing. These scores were scanned at the library but ESP scrubs the scans removing previous performer marks and stains, reassembles any missing information, and professionally binds them.
Our second partner library is The Local History Division of the Rochester Public Library (NY) which has high resolution images of important local history available for download or mailed on a CD.
Links to libraries can be accessed by clicking on the library logo. If you are interested in exploring how you can sell with us, please contact us at LibraryCommerce@yahoo.com